Strawberries & Sparkling Wine

Strawberry and Sparkling Wine

Strawberries & Sparkling Wine

Entertaining isn’t just for the holidays anymore. Some will entertain at home for the fun of it, while others will opt to host fireside this winter as a way to stretch their dining dollars.

Special occasions call for special foods, but no one wants to cut back on getting together with family and friends. We’re doing things a little differently today by choosing to entertain at home more often and by changing the menu to reflect the current economic reality. Florida’s winter strawberries can add glamour and glitz to any special occasion without breaking the budget!

For a winter evening warmly remembered by everyone, or a romantic cap to a Valentine’s Day dinner, stage dessert in the living room by firelight. Allow guests to help themselves to strawberry-laced sparkling wine.

  • 1 pint (about 12 large) fresh Florida strawberries, washed, drained and with caps attached
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine, chilled (or non-alcoholic sparkling beverage)

Place one or more Florida strawberries in each sparkling wine flute. Pour chilled sparkling wine over strawberries. To retrieve berries, serve with a spoon.

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