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It’s a fact — Florida strawberry growers produce some of the sweetest, reddest and juiciest strawberries known to man. And they bring fresh beautiful fruit to market during a season when many regions of the country are blanketed with snow.

Just how Florida farmers manage to do this year after year is a story that deserves to be told. Jammer, a talking, singing, animated and oh so sweet strawberry, is the perfect character to do just that.

Jammer Saves the Farm is a 12-minute, fun-filled educational video. It takes kids from kindergarten through third grade (and fun-loving adults, too) through the unique and sometimes tricky process of growing strawberries, specifically in Florida. The fact is, a lot of folks don’t realize that Florida is an important strawberry producing state.

The video is a show-and-tell about how on a dark, cold, stormy night Jammer and his friends save a Florida strawberry farm. In the video, Jammer details the importance of irrigation to protect tender strawberry plants during freezing weather conditions, the role that bees play in pollination, and the nutritional benefits of strawberries.

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Facts About Florida Strawberries

For those wanting a light-hearted, condensed look at the life cycle of a strawberry plant, Jammer explains it all — from preparing the beds to bringing the crop to market.

Friendly, fun-loving Jammer is the mascot for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. His image is on billboards, in specially designed coloring books, and on containers of Florida strawberries themselves.

A live, costumed Jammer makes personal appearances at special events in Florida. Jammer even has his own Facebook page. Take a look and become a fan.

Fresh Florida winter strawberries are available each year from Thanksgiving to Easter.

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The Florida Strawberry Growers Association has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships since 1983. Scholarship applications are ready for pick up or download beginning in July each year and are usually due by the middle of September that same year.

The Florida Strawberry Growers Association offers scholarships to encourage young men and women to continue their education beyond high school. The committee will determine the amount of the scholarship, but none will be less than $500.00.

To be eligible, applicants must be a high school senior, college student, or student at a technical school during the 2024-2025 school year. If the applicant is graduating high school this year he/she must submit a letter of confirmation of applying or intent to attend college or a technical school.

Applications submitted online are due by September 13, 2024.

Mailed applications must be postmarked by September 6, 2024 and sent to:

P.O. Drawer 2550
Plant City, FL 33527

No incomplete and/or late applications will be considered.

*Scholarship applicants may receive a maximum of two FSREF scholarships (*or combination of ambassador nomination and FSREF scholarship award) throughout the time they are eligible to receive the award(s).

For more information, contact the Florida Strawberry Growers Association at 813-752-6822.

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Jammer Coloring Book

8 strawberries have 100% of Vitamin C requirements
Jammer & Vitamin C
Plant City is the Winter Strawberry capitol of the world
Jammer in Plant City
Florida beach coloring book
Jammer on the Beach

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