Association Membership and Allied Partners

//Association Membership and Allied Partners
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Allied Partners

Our Allied Partnership consists of 4 levels and the dues are payable annually.

Gold $2,000
Silver $1,000
Bronze $500
Base $250

Our allied partners receive various benefits throughout the year based on the level of partnership that they choose. According to our Bylaws we cannot publish our grower addresses. However, one of the perks that our Allied Partners have found to be very beneficial is our mail-out and email service. Any partner can prepare a mail-out that they would like to send to our growers (stuff it, seal it, and stamp it), and send it to us. We will attach address labels and deposit in the mail it for them. This allows Associates to reach our growers without having access to our list. There is a $25.00 charge for this service for Base Level Allied Partners. The email service is a new Allied Partner benefit available to our Gold Level Allied Partners. A maximum of four emails can be sent out to our grower membership per year from each individual Gold Level Allied Partner. In order to use this Gold Level Allied Partner benefit, the content for the email must be submitted in a PNG or JPEG format and include a company explanation and the company’s logo. The image will be copied and pasted to the body of an email coming from to our grower membership.

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Grower Members

Our supporting growers each pay a voluntary assessment to the Association in the amount of $50/acre of strawberries planted each year. In return, the grower members in good standing receive a rebate at the end of the season for Florida patented plants that they purchased.

Handler / Broker Members

Our handlers are listed so you may select a supplier for fresh Florida strawberries. Our handler members pay voluntary assessments to the Association in the amount of $.02/flat on Florida strawberries handled by their facility for each grower member of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. Among other benefits, we provide for our Handlers with point-of-purchase material to assist their retailers in promoting fresh Florida strawberries.

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Nursery Members

The nursery list consists of nurseries throughout the United States and Canada that have signed a licensing agreement with the Florida Strawberry Patent Service allowing them to sell Florida patented strawberry plants to growers for fruit production. Our Florida patented varieties are Sweet Charlie, Rosa Linda, Earlibrite, Florida Radiance, Florida Elyana, Strawberry Festival, Carmine, Winter Dawn, and Winterstar™.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are hardest working members of our organization and they do it all for free.

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