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The Florida Strawberry Growers Association represents over 75 grower members farming over 10,000 acres of strawberries in Florida with the majority being in the Plant City-Dover area. In addition, FSGA offers associate memberships to allied industries that would like to join our vast network.

Grower Membership

FSGA is a voluntary organization that represents the majority of Florida strawberry growers as members. Growers pay $50.00 per planted acre as dues. The Association represents growers on a wide variety of issues and policies, works to increase consumption and helps keep strawberry production profitable in Florida.

Member Services

Member Service has always been a top priority for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. FSGA is leading the fight to reduce and streamline regulations and eliminate duplication.

FSGA representatives have served on the Planning Commission, Greenway’s Task Force, and the Agricultural Task Force. Currently, FSGA holds positions on the Agricultural Economic Development Council and Southwest Florida Water Management District Agricultural Advisory Committee. Issues include land use and funding for migrant housing, Greenbelt issues, open space, upland habitat, wetlands, environmental regulations and property rights.

The Association has been in the forefront during every crisis over the past decades, representing growers during drought, hail, floods and freezes. Whenever growers need to provide input to governmental agencies, FSGA serves as the industry’s mediator.

Association Membership

Our Associate Membership consists of 5 levels and the dues are payable annually.

Our associate members receive various benefits throughout the year based on the level of membership that they choose. According to our Bylaws we cannot publish our grower addresses. However, one of the perks that our Associate Members have found to be very beneficial is our mail-out service. Any member can prepare a mail-out that they would like to send to our growers (stuff it, seal it, and stamp it), and send it to us. We will attach address labels and deposit in the mail it for them. This allows Associates to reach our growers without having access to our list. There is a $25.00 charge for this service if you are a base member.

Gold Members ($2,000/year)

  • Biogenic Reagent Ventures, LLC
  • Chemical Dynamics
  • Farm Credit of Central Florida
  • Harrell’s Fertilizer
  • Highland Packaging Solutions
  • International Paper
  • Yara North America

Silver Members ($1,000/year)

  • Arkema, Inc.
  • Arysta Life Science
  • Carden & Associates, Inc.
  • Fishbach Land Company
  • Kennco Manufacturing
  • Patterson Companies
  • RCS Company
  • CBC Saunders Real Estate

Bronze Members ($500/year)

  • Bingham On-Site Portables, LLC
  • Brandt Consolidated Inc.
  • Brown & Brown Insurance of Tampa
  • Everglades Farm Equipment
  • G.W.Allen Nursery, Ltd.
  • IBuyCardboard.com
  • Imaflex
  • Inocucor
  • Luc Lareault, Inc.
  • Sierra Cascade Nursery Inc.
  • SunshineBank
  • The Andersons
  • Wells Crop Insurance

Base Members ($250/year)

  • Anna Leigh Farms
  • Caltec Ag. Inc.
  • Carther Plants, Ltd.
  • Cedar Point Nursery
  • Central Florida Media Group
  • C.O. Keddy Nursery
  • Crop Protection Services of Florida
  • CropX
  • Crown Nursery
  • Diamond R Fertilizer
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • DS&A
  • Ekland Marketing
  • Eurodrip
  • Ferme R. Labrecque, Inc.
  • FIS Outdoor, Inc.
  • Florida Foundation Seed Producers
  • Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association
  • Flo-Tec Automation
  • FMC Corporation
  • Gowan Co.
  • G P Solutions
  • Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
  • Harvest Croo, LLC
  • Helena Chemical Co.
  • Hillsborough Cooperative Extension Service
  • Hopewell Funeral Home
  • In the Field Magazine
  • Island Grove Ag Products
  • ISM Enterprises
  • James Ashworth LLC
  • Jet Harvest Solution
  • John Deere Water
  • Keyplex
  • Kichler Farms
  • Lacy Brown Specialty Advertising, LLC
  • Lassen Canyon
  • Lochloosa Lake Farm
  • Maga Bon, II
  • Marrone Bio Innovations
  • Monte Packaging Company
  • Netafim USA, Ltd.
  • Oak Haven Farms
  • Overlook Harvesting
  • Pathway Biologic, LLC
  • Phyton Corporation
  • Powerlift Doors of Florida
  • Preferred Source, LLC
  • Rabo AgriFinance
  • Ramos Engineering
  • Spicam Rotam
  • Sunbelt Lawn & Tractor
  • Syngenta, Inc.
  • TKI (Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.)
  • Toro Micro-Irrigation
  • Tradewinds Power Corporation
  • Triest Ag Group, Inc.
  • Triest Irrigation
  • TWC Distributors
Our handlers are listed so you may select a supplier for fresh Florida strawberries. Our handler members pay voluntary assessments to the Association in the amount of $.02/flat on Florida strawberries handled by their facility for each grower member of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. Among other benefits, we provide for our Handlers with point-of-purchase material to assist their retailers in promoting fresh Florida strawberries.

Astin Strawberry Exchange

Contact: Suzanne Roberts
P.O. Box 3837
Plant City, Fl 33563

Phone: 813-650-8448   Fax: 813-754-5702

Dole Berry Company

Contact: Sal Toscano

1702 Jim Johnson Rd,
Plant City, FL 33566

(813) 441-0421


Contact: Pedro Ruiz
12880 Hwy 92 East
Dover, Fl 33527

Phone: 813-659-2551  Fax: 813-659-1564

Farm N 4 U

Contact: Lance Ham
1310 Ham’s Farm Road
Plant City, Fl 33565

Phone: 813-478-9335  Fax: 813-707-1550

Ferris Farms

Contact: Dudley Calfee
P.O. Box 909
Floral City, Fl 34436

Phone: 352-637-3880  Fax: 352-726-2125

Guynn Family Produce Sales

Contact: Gary Guynn
4233 Homewood Lane
Lakeland, Fl 33811

Phone: 813-918-0767

Hinton Farms Produce

Contact: Bob Hinton, Cammy Hinton
1839 N. Dover Rd.
Dover, Fl 33527

Phone: 813-659-2160  Fax: 813-659-1042

Parkesdale Farms Packing & Cooling, Inc.

Contact: Peggy Parke
3914 Tanner Road
Dover, Fl 33527

Phone: 813-659-2429  Fax: 813-659-0300

Spivey Farms Sales & Cooling

Contact: David Spivey
6101 S. County Road 39
Plant City, Fl 33567

Phone: 813-650-8999

The nursery list consists of nurseries throughout the United States and Canada that have signed a licensing agreement with the Florida Strawberry Patent Service allowing them to sell Florida patented strawberry plants to growers for fruit production. Our Florida patented varieties are Sweet Charlie, Rosa Linda, Earlibrite, Florida Radiance, Florida Elyana, Strawberry Festival, Carmine, Winter Dawn, and Winterstar™.

Balamore Farm Ltd, 902-668-2004, Canada

Top of the Mountain Farms, 336-977-6276, North Carolina

C O Keddy Nursery LLC, 902-678-4497, Canada

Crown Nursery LLC, 530-529-6488, California

Cedar Point Nursery, 541-880-8826, California

Ekland Markering Co, 530-345-4476, California

EZ Grow Farms, 519-875-4751, Canada

G W Allen Nursery Ltd, 902-678-7519, Canada

H B Morse & Sons, 902-538-9389, Canada

Kichler Farms Ltd, 519-428-2507, Canada

Lassen Canyon Nursery, 916-223-1075, California

Lewis Nursery and Farms, 919-675-2394, North Carolina

Luc Lareault Ltd, 450-586-1850, Canada

NorCal Nursery Inc, 916-527-6200, California

Norton Creek Farms, 828-743-3674, North Carolina

Pepiniere A Masse, 450-469-3380, Canada

Planasa, LLC, 530-524-2468, California

Sierra Cascade Nursery Inc, 530-254-6867, California

Silver Lake Farms LLC, 813-323-6324, Florida 

Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc, 519-426-3099, Canada

Westech Agriculture Ltd, 902-853-4184, Canada

Our supporting growers each pay a voluntary assessment to the Association in the amount of $50/acre of strawberries planted each year. In return, the grower members in good standing receive a rebate at the end of the season for Florida patented plants that they purchased. Members who heavily support Florida varieties may receive back in rebates more than they paid in assessments to the Association during the year.

The Board of Directors are hardest working members of our organization and they do it all for free.

Florida Strawberry Growers Association Board of Directors

Adam Young, President
Lance Ham, Vice-President
Casey Simmons Runkles, Secretary
Lisa Fox, Treasurer
Sam Astin, III.
Johnnie Beauchamp
Joel Connell
Lee Gillman
Russell Griffin
Buddy Grimes
Mark Harrell
Andy McDonald
Melissa Hinton Raburn
Jay Sizemore
John Sizemore