USDA: Dirty Dozen Not So Dirty

//USDA: Dirty Dozen Not So Dirty

United States Department of Agriculture

People all hear about the “Dirty Dozen,” but media seldom relates the good news that the USDA continues to find all fruits and vegetables well within the safe threshold for pesticide residues.  On this issue, Dr. Oz is still dead wrong.

Fighting disparagement of safe, healthy produce

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its annual Pesticide Data Program report. The government findings were consistent with those from previous years: “Residues do not pose a food safety concern.”

Also consistent with previous years, there was no coverage at all from mainstream media about this positive government report concerning the safety of our food.

What is even more concerning than this lack of “good news” coverage is what consumers regularly do hear about produce safety.

Last week Dr. Oz ran another story which inaccurately made this claim about a popular produce item: “…toxic pesticides have seeped in by the time it reaches the supermarket. And washing them does not help.”

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