Strawberry Christmas Tree

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I wanted to share a great idea for a Christmas centerpiece that’s even more delicious than it is beautiful—an edible Christmas tree! Every year friends and family look forward to this beautiful and sumptuous decoration. Read on to learn how to create your very own. There’s a video at the end that brings it all together. Here goes!

All you’ll need for this project are five things. A large foam cone from a local craft store, white dipping chocolate, romaine lettuce, toothpicks and fresh and flavorful Florida winter strawberries.

Rinse the berries and let them dry while the white dipping chocolate warms in a crock pot. Once the berries are dry and the chocolate is warm and creamy, dip the tips of the strawberries into the chocolate. Set berries on parchment paper to cool.

While the chocolate sets on the berries, it’s time to begin working on the tree. Attach pieces of lettuce to the foam cone with toothpicks starting from the bottom and layering upwards.

After the cone is covered with lettuce, begin adding the the chocolate-tipped strawberries onto the lettuce with toothpicks. In no time you’ll have a beautiful, edible Christmas tree that is sure to impress! As guests remove strawberries from the tree, the attractive green base of the lettuce mimics branches of a real tree.

Want to take your entertaining up a notch? It’s so easy and you’ll save a lot of money too! Have you ever priced ready-made chocolate-dipped berries? Why not dress up your extra berries in tuxedos yourself? Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide to making this edible Christmas tree with a special bonus of easy-to-make chocolate tuxedo strawberries!