Risa Morrison

Risa Morrison is twenty-nine year old accountant with a passion for baking.  She is the creator of the popular baking website, Baked Perfection, where she shares delicious recipes and photos of the treats coming out of her kitchen.

Risa grew up loving the time she spent with her mom in the kitchen. She describes her mother as a fantastic cook and even better baker.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of making cookies with my mom.  There are still several of her recipes that I just cannot perfect the way she does.

Several years ago, a friend of Risa introduced her to food blogging. It wasn’t long before she was following a handful of blogs. Just a few months later Risa broke ground on a site of her very own. Three and a half years later her blog has over 220 posts!

I honestly never thought it would last this long or it would become so popular.

It was through her blog that she was able to hone her photography skills. Each post features an enticing photo of her baked perfection. Cupcakes are a specialty of her with nearly 40 cupcakes already on her blog with more coming all the time. A recipe all her own – Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry-filled Cupcakes, was voted one of the best cupcakes ever created by her friend, Ellen.  Risa happily shares this recipe with Florida strawberry lovers everywhere. Is your mouth watering yet?

When I asked Risa why she loved strawberries so much, this is what she had to say.

My favorite thing about strawberries has to be the intoxicating aroma. I love walking into the grocery store or farmers market during strawberry season because the sweets smell of the berries takes over the store.  Not to mention they are healthy and delicious.

So there you go. Risa, the 29-year-old accounting with a passion for baking. Follow her on Twitter, like her Facebook page and visit her blog Baked Perfection for more fabulous recipes.