Restaurants Feature Strawberries

///Restaurants Feature Strawberries

Two local restaurants took advantage of the bountiful and delicious local harvest of winter strawberries to create special menus featuring everything from strawberry ice cream to strawberry and brie-filled ravioli.

Ulele restaurant served craft beer and strawberry ice cream in January. Executive Chef Eric Lackey was excited to receive fresh-from-the-field berries to include in his creations.

The Florida Strawberry Growers Association Partnered with Pelagia Trattoria at the Renaissance Hotel to promote the local crop in February.

Every guest checking into the hotel on Valentine’s weekend received chocolate dipped strawberries! And, guests who dined at the restaurant on Valentine’s night received two beautiful long-stemmed, chocolate-dipped berries after dinner!

Pelagia and Chef Brett Gardiner also created a special strawberry menu, where every course and dessert was made using fresh strawberries.