Promoting Strawberries

//Promoting Strawberries
Promoting Strawberries 2016-10-19T11:01:38-04:00

FSGA has been hard at work for you promoting Florida Strawberries.

From television and radio commercials to movie screen ads, the household consumer should have no trouble figuring out when Florida Strawberries are in season. This year’s marketing campaign will continue to make aggressive moves to expand Florida’s markets. Here are just a few of the marketing plans that have been implemented through the Association.

  • Press Kits and news releases nationwide to food editors with color slides featuring fresh Florida Strawberries.
  • Television, radio and movie ads emphasizing the Florida growing season.
  • Representation annually at major trade shows nationwide such as PMA, United, and the Florida Restaurant Show.
  • Point-of-Purchase materials, including posters, recipes, price cards, brochures, table tents, handling recommendations, and other materials.
  • Tie-in promotions with Fortune 500 companies at no cost to the association.
  • Television Weathercaster Promotion
  • Speaking on behalf of the Florida strawberry industry at various consumer group meetings around the state.
  • An FSGA website has been created listing supporting handlers. Improvements are forthcoming with the option of purchasing FSGA hats, cookbooks, shirts and other strawberry merchandise.
  • Foodservice Promotion including research and development for strawberry menu inserts.
  • Billboards as well as truck and van wraps to enhance season messaging.