Rebecca Gordon

This season we got plenty of air time and press for our photogenic and aromatic strawberries in various venues. One food blogger was kind enough to share her experience with Florida winter strawberries. Her creation looks fabulous. Thanks, Rebecca Gordon!

Rebecca is a media personality, published cookbook author, and southern lifestyle expert specializing in food and entertaining. She’s also known for tailgating and southern football. But she’s being featured on Culinary Chronicles for her incredible Old Fashioned Fresh Strawberry Lemonade Cake made with fresh Florida strawberries.

Florida Strawberry Celebration BucketInspired by the incredible recipes from her blog, Buttermilk Lipstick, we sent Rebecca a bucket of fresh berries to do with as she pleased. Here’s what she had to say about our berries!

“I’m grateful for the beautiful bounty of ripe strawberries that arrived on my doorstep carefully packaged & brimming from a huge enamelware tub. I couldn’t help but treat myself to a post lunch snack over the kitchen sink.

I’ve never quite had strawberries so juicy & flavorful… these are by far the best I’ve ever had so my new strawberry obsession will have me chasing this tastemaker, well… forever.”

We’re so happy Rebecca loved her berries and we sure do love her cake! We’d love to hear from anyone else who used Florida strawberries this season. If you planned ahead, you may have a stash of the sweet stuff in the freezer or in the jam jar. 

If you want to see more of Rebecca’s work in action, check out her YouTube Channel, follow her on Twitter as  and @ButtermilkLips. She’s got an active Facebook Page and wonderful Pinterest.