Our Christmas Celebration

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I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and a chance to enjoy some of our delicious Florida winter strawberries. It’s been just over a month since we started harvesting.

We’ve been busy picking berries and are looking forward to a record crop for 2011-2012. This year we’re harvesting an extra 1,000 acres!

Back to the holidays. We decorated Christmas hats during our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Mark’s sister’s home. It’s always so much fun making these crazy hats. But don’t think that because we’re just having a little fun, we taking it seriously. Decorating these hats took a lot of effort though, as we all wanted to win. It probably would have been easier for us to order custom face santa hats online, but we wanted to make our own by hand this time. There’s even a competition behind this event! Mark was a good sport and ended up winning most creative.

Mark and Candace modeling their hats

Stevie’s big gift this year was her first kitchen. She’s learning to cook at an early age and already seems to enjoy mixing and watching me in the kitchen. Who knows, she might soon be featured in our Culinary Chronicles! Note, the strawberry red color. What else, right?

Stevie and her first kitchen

Stevie and her first kitchen

?The sink was her favorite thing, though I have an idea that when she gets older she’ll change her mind.

Stevie and her John Deere Tractor

Stevie and her John Deere Tractor

Stevie also got her first tractor from Papa Mark, a John Deere just like his and every bit as big as she is!

Happy New Year!