Meet Riley

For all the dog lovers out there-National Puppy Day is March 23.

Riley, my Shih Tzu comes to work with me everyday. It’s so much fun to have him hanging around. He greets everyone who comes to the office. Many thanks to my boss, coworkers and our farmers who find him almost as irresistible as I do.

I have to bring Riley to work with me because he sometimes has seizures. It’s not often that a seizure happens but I’m worried that if I leave him at home all day whilst I’m at work, he might have one and then I won’t be able to help him. Of course, there are times where I do have to leave him but I’ve done my research on sites like and I’ve found that you can use CBD to help manage them and that seems to be working. Well, I haven’t seen any seizures anyhow. I’m just happy I get to bring my best friend to work with me every day.

So what does this have to do with Florida strawberries? Well, Riley keeps a very close watch over the berries that grow in research plots behind our office. It’s his job, you know. You might think that’s a bit of a stretch, but if you’re a dog lover, it makes perfect sense.

A few days ago was in my bedroom and heard Riley making a funny barking noise. I kept calling him and he didn’t come and so I started down the hall and here comes Riley, dragging a pillow from the couch! The fringe around the pillow had gotton caught on his tag around his neck and he was calling for me to help him.

It was quite a sight! The pillow was as big as he is!

Are you a dog lover too? I’d love to hear about your puppy love in the comments!