Margaritas by the Numbers

//Margaritas by the Numbers

Pass it on for margarita lovers everywhere, consuming strawberries in just about any form is a good thing.

Now is the time to thaw out those Florida strawberries from last winter and savor the flavor in one of America’s favorite icy cocktails.

We’ll stretch the point by suggesting some background about margaritas in general and calling for your favorite margarita in particular. Feel free to leave your best margarita recipe in the comments below.

We have already shared with you Blanca Aldaco’s Florida strawberry margarita recipe but how about some facts about the margarita itself? Read on to learn a bit about this frosty favorite, taken in part from Nation’s Restaurant News May, 2011.

A toast to the sipping season and margaritas by the numbers:

  • According to Brown-Forman there are 185,000 margaritas consumed in the United States every hour.
  • 1971 was the year Mariano Martinez invented his frozen margarita machine, getting the idea from a 7-Eleven Slurpee machine.
  • There’s been a 336% increase in top-shelf tequila imports since 2002, says the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.
  • Spain ranked #1 as the fastest-growing tequila importing nation over the past six years, according to
  • 80% of all exported Mexican tequila goes to the U.S., says
  • Florida strawberry margaritas are a great way to get your day’s worth of fruit consumption for good health. (Ok, so we made that one up!)