Kevin Lynch

Until a few years ago, Kevin Lynch didn’t pay much attention to the food he was eating. Food was just a means to an end. Luckily for all of us, boredom with his everyday meals sparked a curiosity in Kevin.

I had had enough and it was time for change! I dove head first into cooking and the world of food and to my surprise, I found that I really enjoyed it!

Since discovering that cooking could be fun, it’s become Kevin’s passion. He goes as far as to say he’s on a quest to never eat a boring meal again. If you’ve checked out any of Kevin’s recipes, you know boring doesn’t fit in the equation. Bright and zesty flavors, unique takes on classic dishes and beautiful food photography pour through his blog.

Closet Cooking comes from Kevin’s tiny kitchen in Ontario. Kevin spends his free time searching for delicious ideas which become a reality in this closet-sized kitchen. Since starting his blog in 2007, Kevin has shared nearly 1,400 recipes!

Having little cooking or photography skills to begin with, I had a bit of a rocky start but it was amazingly fun and I stuck with it and my skills slowly improved.

Kevin believes that you “eat with your eyes first” and spends hours searching the Internet for fabulous food photos as inspiration. Creating delicious food and photographing it has become one of Kevin’s greatest pleasures and we’re all fortunate that he is kind enough to share these culinary adventures!

Follow Kevin’s stream of create fare on Twitter, Facebook and of course his inspiring blog, Closet Cooking. Don’t forget to take a look at the recipes that caught my eye, which he was kind enough to share with us, for Mojito Grilled Fish Tacos with Florida Strawberry and Avocado Salsa.