I’ve Gotta Share the News!

//I’ve Gotta Share the News!

Grandmothers sprinkle stardust over children’s lives.
— Author:Unknown

Grandparents unite! I’ve just gotta’ share the news. My first granddaughter was born September 19.  Her name is Stevie Adalynn Harrell. We are beside ourselves with joy. Her mom and dad live close by, so I have plenty of chances to babysit.

The strawberry crop is absolutely beautiful. I can see plants from my kitchen window and from the office, the fields behind stretch into the horizon. Come to Plant City and see for yourself. Here’s a photo that will make your mouth water for a juicy bite.

If all goes as expected, fresh, Florida winter strawberries will be harvested beginning the last week in November. Look for them in produce departments from December through early April. Be sure to select Florida strawberries; others just aren’t the same.  The package will show the point of origin. You’ll meet Jammer, our industry mascot. His image will be on hundreds of thousands of clamshell containers.Jammer and the Florida Strawberry Association