Genetically Modified Organisms Explained

//Genetically Modified Organisms Explained

Single non-GMO Strawberry

There is a great post on the Wish Farms blog explaining exactly what “genetically modified organisms” are. Read an excerpt here, continue on for the full article.

From the Wish Farms blog:

We have received several responses from our consumers and fans asking:

Do you grow genetically modified strawberries or have any product containing GMO’s?

And the answer is absolutely not.

According to Dr. Vance Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Strawberry Breeding and Genetics at the University of Florida, “There are no genetically modified strawberries on the market – not just in the U.S., but in the world.”

When something is deemed genetically modified it usually means that foreign genetic material was inserted into an organism, not through traditional breeding. This material can come from multiple sources, including another plant or animal species or a synthetic gene created in a lab. Most of the corn and soybeans grown in the U.S are genetically modified.

“All strawberry varieties grown commercially in the U.S. were bred through traditional hybridization and selection,” says Dr. Whitaker.

Continue your reading from the original post and learn why the opposite of organic is NOT genetically modified organisms.