FSGA Launches New Website

//FSGA Launches New Website

A fresh design for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association’s official website.

PLANT CITY/DOVER, FLA-To fill the needs of growers and the industry, the Florida Strawberry Growers Association (FSGA) is sporting an updated, contemporary website, flastrawberry.com.

The site offers a complete range of information from production, marketing, research and education to industry news and events. The site is targeted to growers, retailers and affiliated organizations interested in Florida strawberry production. Because of this, they have chosen good host for the server. When a site is expecting a lot of traffic, getting stable Brisbane servers can help with loadtimes and accessability.

Ted’s Talks is a new feature on the site and is written by Ted Campbell, executive director of FSGA. It’s the place where visitors can go to find the latest marketing information, crop status and issues pertinent to growers and handlers.

“Our initial Web site was constructed several years ago. It has served us well but we realized it was time for a facelift,” Campbell said. “We created a recipe-centered, consumer-friendly blog last year, strawberrysue.com, led by our director of marketing, Sue Harrell. Strawberry Sue has become so popular that we chose to fashion a cohesive look for our organization by branding our main website with similar graphic and site navigation elements.”

Visitors to flastrawberry.com can easily access the consumer-friendly blog, strawberrysue.com from the site’s home page.


Editor note: Interviews with FSGA executives may be arranged. FSGA is a voluntary, non-profit organization of Florida strawberry growers who support research, education and promotion.