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February was American Heart Month, and March is National Nutrition Month®. You can celebrate heart health and good nutrition all year long, by including strawberries in your diet.

According to findings from Yale’s Prevention Research Center and several recognized health and nutrition experts, strawberries, raw spinach and blueberries ranked 100 (the highest possible nutrient-density score) in a system called the Overall Nutrition Quality Index. The system ranks foods on a numeric scale indicating that strawberries are one of the healthiest food choices around.

Strawberries are a great example of nutrient-dense foods, which provide the greatest amounts of vitamins and minerals with the fewest calories.

Celebrate your heart by eating strawberries, which have been shown to boost heart health. And, improve your nutrition by snacking on strawberries instead of sugar-packed candy, cookies or cake.

The American Heart Association annually sponsors National Heart Month, while the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors National Nutrition Month.

For more information on American Heart Month or heart health, visit the American Heart Association’s site For more information on National Nutrition Month®, visit