Driving Healthy Choices

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Winter strawberries drive healthy choices. It’s a fact. Consumers are becoming more aware of Florida‘s winter strawberry season.

Our aggressive marketing and educational programs are causing consumers to become increasingly interested in purchasing fresh, healthy, hand-harvested strawberries in the winter months. We’re getting the word out this season about the availability of Florida-grown strawberries like never before. We’re giving consumers, chefs, caterers and others the knowledge and opportunity to purchase Florida’s flavorful, healthy and delicious berries when they least expect them – in the winter! Florida is the dominant supplier of fresh strawberries from Thanksgiving through Easter.

New Year’s resolutions have spurred Americans to lose weight and stick to a more healthy diet in 2011. Strawberries can help. Just eight strawberries contain more vitamin C than one orange. A one-cup serving (about eight to 10 medium-size berries) contains 45 calories and has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. Strawberries are a portable snack food that may be eaten out-of-hand—perfect for packing to work or school. Read package information to ensure you are purchasing fresh-from-the-field Florida strawberries.

Try the recipe for Florida Strawberry Spinach Salad. It’s delicious, nutritious and, best of all, easy.