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Sharing with others has never been more widespread than it is today. Social media has changed everything. With that in mind, I’d like to share a dining experience I experienced recently. It was a memorable evening. Imagine, nothing on the menu at this fabulous restaurant was over 475 calories. Everything was prepared with perfection, the service was great and the staff was well-trained and knowledgable.

A seasoned chef with whom we were brainstorming recently, made reservations for four of us to continue our meeting at Seasons 52 in Tampa. Three out of four of us had not been there before. We had no idea of the pleasurable dining experience that awaited us.

Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated environment.

The menu is seasonally inspired with fresh farmers’ market ingredients. The back-of-the-house food pros offer creative dishes, that both enthuse and surprise. The portion sizes are perfect. Two of us enjoyed incredibly delicious caramelized jumbo scallops on a bed of couscous and fresh asparagus. Truly devine!

Caramelized Jumbo Sea Scallops from Seasons 52

Caramelized Jumbo Sea Scallops from Seasons 52

We felt the freedom to indulge in a total dining experience, yet at the end of the meal, we were totally satisfied and felt righteous about our healthy choices.

If you have a chance, check out Season’s 52 for yourself. You’ll love it. They have locations in several states and the good news is that they are expanding. A delicious and healthy meal may be just around the corner. I wish I were there right now!