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David Spivey is a third-generation Florida strawberry farmer. His grandfather started growing strawberries in the 1930s in Wauchula Florida and his father, Dennis Spivey, started Spivey Farms with just five acres of land in 1969.

They originally grew peppers (cayenne, long hot, hungarian wax) along with other vegetables, it was in the 1970s that they purchased an additional forty acres and began to grow the delicious Florida strawberries we love to enjoy today. As his lease expired in 1994, Dennis was able to purchase eighty-two adjacent acres that make up the hub of farm activities today.

David came into the forefront of their family farm in 2003. Upon his arrival, a new packinghouse and cooler were built on the farm and Spivey Farms was ready to grow, pack, ship and sell their products all in-house. By controlling everything from farm to market, the Spivey family works to ensure a consistently top quality product that families will enjoy.

David’s older brother Stephen joined the family business in 2009 to handle harvest operations. David manages sales and runs the shipping/receiving and manages food safety issues. Their father, Dennis oversees the entire operation and handles spray duties. Finally, rounding out a truly family farm is the matriarch, Linda Spivey. Linda handles the all important accounting for the farm.

When buying a Spivey Farms strawberry, you can be sure at least one set of Spivey eyes has looked it over!

We want you to take home our strawberries and enjoy. To give you something to be proud of because we’re proud of what we’re picking and producing.

David Spivey

Now, get a behind the scenes look at the Florida strawberry farming industry. From runners to blossoms to delicious ripened strawberries, David Spivey brings us on an educational, behind the scenes tour of his farm.

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