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Chef Justin Timineri is the Executive Chef/Culinary Ambassador for the Florida Department of Agriculture, author, award winner, teacher, television personality and international culinary ambassador helping the world to rediscover simple healthy cuisine.

We are happy to share that Chef Justin Timineri is also a member of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association’s Chefs Advisory Board where he works with strawberry farmers to spread the word about the state’s winter strawberries. Take a look at one of the creations he made as part of the program, Florida Winter Strawberry Salad with Pecans & Goat Cheese.

Justin’s philosophy on food is a simple one:

Cooking should always be fun, simple, and flavorful.

As a native Floridian, Justin was exposed to a variety of culture and cuisines at an early age. These experiences provided Justin with a wealth of culinary knowledge and fascination of a wide array of cooking styles. Chef Timineri’s straightforward approach remains consistent through all he creates in the kitchen. Justin seeks out simple, seasonal ingredients that when combined create a fresh and healthy meal.

Here’s what USA Today had to say about Chef Justin Timineri

Timineri is part culinary ambassador, part farm expert and part cheerleader for Florida-grown food. Technically, he’s a state employee working for the Florida Department of Agriculture — and he’s the only full-time state chef in the nation.

It’s Chef Justin’s desire for healthy and delicious food fuels his passion to change and improve the way Americans eat. With his position at the State of Florida Department of Agriculture, Justin takes his love of food out of the kitchen and teaches the public about the benefits of eating local and seasonal agriculture.

Chef Justin Timineri recipe cardThe culmination of his work experience with NASCAR, PGA and the Kentucky Derby prepared him for high-level positions near his home in Tallahassee. Chef Timineri had the honor and privilege of serving as the chef at the Florida Governor’s Mansion.

As Executive Chef for the Department’s Division of Marketing and Development, Justin’s responsibilities include promoting all of Florida’s freshest commodities, creating new recipes, attending trade events around the world, performing cooking demonstrations and educating children on the value of healthy food choices and proper nutrition.

Get an exclusive download of Chef Justin Timineri’s Chefs Advisory Board recipe card by clicking the card above.