Chef Jason Gronlund

Meet Jason Gronlund, Executive Chef of Hard Rock Cafe. He’s a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and has more than twenty-five years of foodservice industry experience with product and concept development and operations management with both national and international multi-platform experience. He’s cooked in every continent and his influences shows no sign of stopping.

As Senior Director of Culinary at Hard Rock Cafe, he personally works on culinary initiatives for all corporate and global partner cafes. Chef Gronlund is currently looking into new programs for “Buy Local, Support Local” for certain cafes. He’s the “go-to” pro for compiling special item recipes that the cafe chefs will put into action throughout the operation.

Supporting regional farmers is a key goal for the Hard Rock Cafe family, and I just happen to love fresh-from-the-field strawberries.

Chef Gronlund

The Florida Strawberry Growers Association is proud to have Chef Gronlund as one of the founding members of our Chefs Advisory Board. We are working with Chef Gronlund to develop consumer and restaurant friendly recipes using Florida strawberries and to get the word out about our fabulous winter strawberries.

Friends Eat has a great interview with Chef Gronlund on their site. Click here to give it a read! The following is an excerpt of the interview:

Friends Eat: Who in your life has influenced your cooking the most?

Chef Gronlund: Well the first chefs that gave my self worth and value and some direction in this industry were Chef Bob Crabari and Chef Ted Butzbach, if it where not for them my young hyper A.D.D self would have been lost. Next … I fall after my mother’s traits being creative and to look at all things from all angles to find a solution or doing it uniquely.

To get a taste of Chef Gronlund’s creativity, try out his fabulous recipe, Mojito Yogurt with Fresh Florida Winter Strawberries & Mixed Tropical Fruit.

You can download a copy of Chef Jason Gronlund’s beautiful recipe card by clicking the download button below.

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