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Thursday morning I’ll be flying to Austin Texas to attend the fifth annual BlogHer Food conference. If you’re a regular reader of this blog I’m sure you’ve heard of the BlogHer network and their conferences; BlogHer, BlogHer Food, BlogHer Entrepreneur as well as a few other annual events.

With BlogHer Food over 500 influential food writers, photographers, stylists, chefs, activists and brands come together to discuss the thing their most passionate about, food. And they choose BlogHer Food more than any other conference because it’s the largest annual gathering of an online food community!

At the conference these hundreds of women, and even a handful of men, gather to network, to build skills, to teach and to learn. From those hoping to figure out how to start blogging to those who’ve just printed the second edition of their must-have cookbook, everyone is welcome. At with nearly 8,700 members in the BlogHer Food community, it’s one of the largest online food communities in the world! It’s third in line behind AllRecipes‘s 17,000 and the Food Network 13,717 members.

I’ll be Tweeting, Instagraming, Facebooking and maybe even Google+(ing) the entire thing so make sure you follow along! I promise lots of pictures, a little bit of video and hopefully some share-worthy insight. I’ll also do my best to try out the tastiest places to eat in Austin. I hear great things!

Let me know if you too are going to be at BlogHer Food 2013. Maybe we can meet up over barbecue, cocktails or how about some strawberries? I can’t wait to meet other food bloggers, to learn more about the art and science of food blogging, share recipes, inspire and be inspired, and of course, eat some delicious Texas cuisine!