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Florida Strawberry Research and Education Foundation

Florida Strawberry Research and Education FoundationA large portion of our revenue is targeted for research. Since inception, the Association has made millions of dollars in contributions to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food (IFAS). In addition, FSGA has coordinated and leveraged legislative and community support, doubling the Research Center’s budget and faculty.

The Association is currently funding research initiatives to improve production methodologies, to enhance flavor, to increase plant disease resistance, to better manage invasive insect species, to increase water use efficiencies, to provide in-house tissue culturing, and many other critical projects.

Looking forward

An important part of sustaining our industry is ensuring the talented youth of our community have access to educational opportunities.  Since its inception, FSGA has given over $300,000 in scholarships to hundreds of deserving students.  We recognize their potential and encourage them to apply their exceptional talents in the agricultural industry.  You can learn more under our Community Services section, but it is rewarding to see many of our early scholarship recipients have gone on to become leaders in Florida agriculture.

For more information behind the science of strawberries, you can contact the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center at 813-634-0000, or visit their strawberry website.

You may also visit the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center  or for gardening questions contact your local extension office. In Hillsborough County the number is 813-744-5519.