Eat More Strawberries!

//Eat More Strawberries!

8 reasons to appreciate nutrition-packed strawberriesHere’s a great article from the Mother Nature Network with eight reasons to appreciate nutrition-packed strawberries:

You probably know these berries pack a vitamin C wallop, but there’s a wealth of other good stuff inside.

Like strawberries? If you’re like the average consumer of this fruit — which is actually a member of the rose family — you consume about 5 pounds of strawberries each year.

How are strawberries, which are second only to apples in fresh-fruit popularity, doing your body good? Let’s review some strawberry nutrition facts.

Most strawberry lovers know that a serving contains a lot of vitamin C. In fact, one cup of strawberries (about eight medium-sized berries) yields 150 percent daily value (DV) of vitamin C. Talk about nutrient density! That’s a lot of vitamin C for only 50 calories.

Strawberries are also relatively high in fiber. One cup provides 3 grams, or 12 percent DV.

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