2016 Agritech Agenda

///2016 Agritech Agenda

Below is the agenda for 2016 Agritech or you can click here for the PDF.

The FSGA 34th Annual Agritech Trade Show

2016 Agritech Day 1

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Moderator – Dr. Jackie Burns, UF Dean of Research

8:40 Presidents Welcome and Opening Remarks – Todd Jameson

8:50     Executive Directors Remarks – Kenneth Parker


9:00 “Are You Ready? – Jeremy Wharton, President JW and Associates

9:45 Pollinators: The New Regulatory Framework – Dan Botts, FFVA, VP Industry Resources

10:15 Break and trade Show

10:45 “Management of charcoal rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina” – Dr. Natalia Peres, Plant Pathologist, UF/GCREC

11:05 “Strawberry plant losses in 2015-16 and how to reduce them” – Dr. James Mertely, Plant Pathologist, UF/GCREC

11:25 “Economic impacts of imported strawberries from Mexico” – Dr. Zhengfei Guan, Economist, UF/GCREC

11:45 Lunch and trade Show

1:00 “Strawberry breeding highlights from 2015-16” – Dr. Vance Whitaker, Plant Breeder, UF/GCREC

1:20 “Application of molecular tools to develop superior strawberry cultivars” – Dr. Seonghee Lee, Plant Breeding, UF/GCREC

1:40  “A comparison of physical and chemical attributes between strawberry cultivars ʻFlorida Radianceʼ, Sweet Sensation ®and the 12.121-5 advanced breeding selection from the University of Florida” – Dr. Cecilia Nunes, Biologist, USF

2:00 “Update on anthracnose and botrytis management” – Dr. Natalia Peres, Plant Pathologist, UF/GCREC

2:20 Wrap up and adjourn

2016 Agritech Day 2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dr. Nick Place, UF Dean of Extension

8:40 Presidents Welcome – Todd Jameson

8:50 “New tools for monitoring and managing spotted wing drosophila in Florida strawberries”  Dr. Justin Renkema, Entomologist, UF/GCREC

9:10 “Effect of insecticides on thrips number and species composition – Dr. Hugh Smith, Entomologist, UF/GCREC

9:30 “Vertical Management Zones: New Considerations to control sting nematode in Florida” – Dr. Joe Noling, Nematologist, UF/CREC

10:10  Break and trade Show

10:45   “Herbicides for nutsedge, kyllinga, and broadleaf weed control in strawberry” – Dr. Nathan Boyd, Weed Scientist, UF/GCREC

11:25   “Half a century and counting: the evolution of Diaprepes root weevil as a pest in Florida” – Dr. Larry Duncan, Nematologist, UF/CREC

11:45   Lunch and trade Show

1:00 “Optimization of growth-stage specific nitrogen fertilization to maximize strawberry yield and quality” – Dr. Shinsuke Agehara, Horticulturist, UF/GCREC

1:20 “BMP  update and strawberry irrigation app demonstration” – Dr. Kelly Morgan, Soil Scientist, UF/SWFREC

1:40 “Do you know Core?” – Alicia Whidden, Extension Agent, UF/Hillsborough County Extension Service

2:40 Wrap up and adjourn